The Cell

    This is a picture of the holding cell which is located directly outside of the courtroom.  The holding cell is where all county and state correction inmates are held until their case is ready to be heard.  Within the cell are a few benches for the inmates to sit on.  There is also a rubber like window that is secured with metal bars on the outside to eliminate the chances of an escape.  Outside the cell is a metal detector used on all inmates who enter. All inmates have handcuffs on and shackles around their ankles.  To the right of the cell is the the bailiffs desk.  At his or her desk is a computer which displays all sections of the cell so that they can have a close watch of the interaction within the cell.  The door to enter this room is always locked and only can be unlocked by the bailiff.  No visitors are allowed beyond this point, except court officials, law enforcers, and attorneys. At times, I was allowed to enter this room with Dave to discuss matters with his clients. You usually can find the sheriff outside of this room.  Overall, this room is always highly secured.  Click here to return to main page.