The Courtroom

    This picture is a section of the courtroom.  The two tables that slightly stick out on the left and right corners of the picture are where the defense and the prosecution sit.  The prosecution always sits on the left, and the defense on the right.  The chairs lined up behind the table are where the bailiffs sit, the state correction officers, all interns, the probation department and anyone else who has some association to the case or the people presenting the case.  All the other rows of seats are for spectators, friends, families, and those waiting for their case to be heard.  The pictures on the wall are judges who served in Huntingdon County. If you come in from the judge's chamber the most present judge is pictured followed by all each prior judge.  A bailiff or guard always is securing the back door shown.  There is also a metal detector right outside those doors.  Those doors are the only entrance way for all spectators and non-court employees.  Click here to return to main page.