Sociology, Anthropology,
and Social Work

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Sociology Curriculum

Sociology is the systematic study of human interaction within society. It differs from other social sciences by its focus on human groups, and the influence of structured patterns of social interactions on human groups and the individuals within them.

Sociologists examine all forms of group-related behavior from riot to religion, debutantes to delinquent gangs, and warfare to welfare.

The Juniata sociology curriculum takes advantage of the college’s liberal arts context to promote critical thinking and analysis skills that are essential both for students pursuing a wide range of career opportunities and for students who move to graduate education settings.

The sociology curriculum introduces students to both descriptive and analytical methods to study such social phenomena as:

Many sociology students at Juniata choose to design individualized Programs of Emphasis that take full advantage of a multidisciplinary application of their interest in sociology, combining it with other academic or career interests.

Students who choose to participate in internship and research experiences gain a full appreciation for the value of thinking sociologically in a variety of settings and occupations.