Sociology, Anthropology,
and Social Work

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Social Work Curriculum

Social Work is the study and practice of how best to assist individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities with solving problems, meeting needs, and addressing concerns. Its problem solving approach emphasizes an ecological systems perspective, cultural competence, an acknowledgement of system strengths, and a multigenerational outlook.

Juniata's Social Work Program has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education since 1981and its curriculum is designed to meet the professional and educational standards of the Council. The primary goal of the program is to prepare students for entry-level professional social work practice. An important secondary goal is to provide students with an exceptional professional foundation for graduate study.

The curriculum has five main components

Human Behavior and the Social Environment

Students develop an understanding of theories and knowledge of human bio-psycho-social development, including knowledge about the range of social systems with which individuals interact and in which social workers must be able to intervene.

Social Science Research

Students hone their skills for a scientific, analytical approach to building knowledge for social work practice and for evaluating social service delivery in all areas of their practice using applicable and ethical standards of inquiry.

Social Policy and Services

Students demonstrate the ability to describe and analyze social problems and social policies from philosophical, organizational, and scientific perspectives, and in both historical and contemporary contexts. Students learn about the political, organizational, and analytical processes they can use to influence policy making in their professional lives.

Social Work Practice

Students develop a mastery of the knowledge, values, and skills that are used in their professional practice for enhancing the well-being of people and improving the ecological conditions that affect people adversely. This includes developing competency in the relational, interviewing, problem-solving and counseling skills that social workers use daily.

Field Practicum/Professional Semester

Students apply their social work knowledge, values, and skills in a fourteen week, full-time internship under the supervision of a seasoned professional. By the completion of the Professional Semester students ought to be fully prepared for an entry-level BSW position in social work.