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Research at Juniata

Catherine Buntin
Balancing emotional valence and word frequency for lexical decision stimuli.

The department offers many opportunities for research experiences for students. The primary means for obtaining these experiences are two courses, PY 340-341 Research in Psychology and PY 450-451 Senior Research in Psychology. In Research in Psychology, students join a faculty member's laboratory and pick up a project within that member's area of study. Prior projects have included explorations into animal learning and behavior, human sexual attraction, how personality factors and decision making affect political attitudes, and groupthink in the government.

Which students get to perform research?

Research in Psychology is generally available to students in their sophomore, junior and senior years. Senior Research in Psychology offers students the opportunity to design and run their own research project. This year long course allows students to go to the faculty member teaching the course and propose research projects. They then design a methodology to test the specific questions within the area in which they are interested. Then, they run that design and present their results at the local research symposium.

What have students accomplished?

Since 2004, over 25 different students have been authors on over forty publications and conference presentations from the faculty and students in the department. Here are a few examples of recent topics: