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In a recent survey of psychology graduates, we found that 69% of the respondents eventually went to graduate school. The schools attended varied considerably along with the degree goals of the graduates. Most graduates attending graduate school were pursuing a Masters degree, with some pursuing a Ph.D. Of the students that chose not to attend graduate school, most had jobs in which they were satisfied.

Graduate schools attended by Juniata Psychology graduates:

Degrees which have been pursued in graduate school:

Student Outcomes

Stacie Beegle '13 is attending graduate school at Northwestern University, where she is pursuing her Doctor of Audiology degree.

Kylee Crawshaw '10 is pursuing her master's degree in counseling at Slippery Rock University. This follows Kylee's recent career with Alternative Community Resource Program in Bedford, Pa., which was preceded by an undergraduate internship at the same firm. Kylee says, “Dr. Westcott is my hero!” and cites Statistics, Developmental Psychology and Clinical Psychology as classes that are useful to her current role as graduate student.

Courtney DeGemmis '11 has been accepted to a variety of master's of social work programs and has decided to pursue her M.S.W. at Boston College.

Amanda Fontana '10 is currently pursuing a graduate degree in school psychology at Millersville University. “I was very well prepared for graduate school, even more so than some of my colleagues,” Amanda says. “I am very grateful for everything I learned at Juniata especially in the psychology department because it gave me a solid background to build from in my path towards becoming a school psychologist.” 

Craig Gaunt '07 is currently employed in youth ministry and counseling after receiving his master's degree in divinity from Evangelical Theological Seminary. As his inspirations, Craig cites professors Bob Miller, Kathryn Westcott and Mark McKellop.

Lyndsey Gianella '12 is pursuing her doctorate in school psychology at Penn State University.

Jill Gifford '09 is currently pursuing a master's degree in child development at the Eliot-Pearson Department at Tufts University. She also holds a Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Fellowship at the Children's Hospital in Boston. She cites her junior year internship at Juniata in neuroscience as helping her prepare for grad school. Professors Kathleen Biddle and Kathryn Westcott inspired and encouraged her.

Molly Harlacker '10 is enrolled in an occupational therapy graduate program at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo. Molly says studying abroad and her honors project in psychology made her versatile, a skill that enabled her to be accepted at several leading occupational therapy programs.

Carlyn Hinish '12 is currently pursuing her master's degree in psychology at Temple University.

Sydney Masters '13is enrolled in a graduate program studying sport psychology at Ithaca College in Ithaca, N.Y.

Ashton Reynolds '12 is enrolled in a graduate program in social work education at Widener University.

Bryce Rigg '12 is employed as a youth counselor at Central Counties Youth Center in Bellefonte, Pa.

Laura Rupprecht '10 is pursuing her doctorate in neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh.