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The department of psychology offers a broad and diverse selection of courses. The primary emphasis is on a scientific understanding of behavior. To this end, two of our required courses in the department are courses that emphasize research and quantitative thinking, Statistics for Social Sciences and research Methods in Psychology. The other required course is, of course, Introduction to Psychology. Check out the Typical Psychology Progression for a more detailed idea of what to take throughout the four years.

What should I take?

Students are expected to take Introduction to Psychology in their freshman year and the other two courses in their Sophomore and Junior years. In addition to these courses, the department expects students to have a well-rounded basis in the core fields of Psychology.

Gaining a well-rounded basis in psychology

The department offers many courses in the core areas, including:

Students are expected to take four of these five core courses. In the senior year, students are required to take a capstone course that is designed to be taken with a seminar style course where the student will produce a professional work appropriate to their post-Juniata professional goals.

More Specialized Topics

Finally, the department offers a wide range of more specialized topics in psychology, generally at the more advanced level. These include courses such as Comparative Psychology, Health Psychology, Judgment and Decision Making, Education and School Psychology, Political Psychology, The Psychology of War and Peace, and Psychology and the Law.