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Blogging from the Conventions!

Usually the final week of a college course centers on lonely nights studying theorems, formulas and the Magna Carta. At Juniata College, the final week of Political Party Conventions course is likely to be filled with confetti, balloons and thousands of celebrating delegates.

"It's an intense experience for the students and an intense experience for me," says Dennis Plane, associate professor of politics at Juniata, who organized andoffered the course, which send students to attend the Republican and Democratic national conventions. "The students spend two weeks at the convention sites. Last spring we held several meetings to prepare, but once the students are there, they are really thrown into new things very quickly."

This fall marks the second time Plane has offered the course. Four years ago a contingent of Juniata students attended the 2008 conventions. That course was a semester-long experience, but Plane has streamlined it into a two-credit course that allows students to witness history without detracting from their regular Juniata courseload.

Right now, six Juniata students are at the Republican convention in Tampa, Fla., and next week four Juniata students will attend the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C.