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Procedure for Applying to Law School (For Seniors)

As we have indicated elsewhere, law school applications are primarily the responsibility of the individual student. With this in mind, the following general procedural steps can facilitate the student’s process of application.

  1. In the late summer or by the end of September the student should write to the law schools he or she is interested in, and request a current bulletin and application form.
  2. The senior student should, if he or she has not already done so, register for the October LSAT test. Registration forms for the test are available in the Career Services office. TAKE THE OCTOBER TEST UNLESS THERE ARE VERY GOOD REASONS FOR NOT DOING SO. If you take it in December, you are "flying blind" and cannot intelligently assess your prospects or devise a strategy, because your results will not come back in time.
  3. The student should complete the application forms and return them to the individual schools as quickly as possible. In instances where the student is uncertain about applying to some schools, he or she should prepare the application form and have it ready to be sent to the school shortly after he or she receives LSAT scores.
  4. The student should order a transcript to be sent to LSDAS and return the appropriate form to LSDAS in Newton. Transcripts are ordered through the Registrar’s Office.
  5. The student should contact those members of the faculty and administrative staff selected to write recommendations. (See also "A Word About Recommendations").
  6. By no later than mid-January, the student should monitor his or her files for each school to which he or she has applied to make sure that all items are in and the files have been completed. If any items are out, the student should contact the appropriate individuals and see that the items are forwarded as quickly as possible.
  7. Finally, and this is an important step, before graduation, the student should order a final transcript with his completed record and notice of graduation to be sent to the law school which he or she plans to attend. Note, the individual student must do this through the Registrar’s Office. The College does not automatically perform this function.

The Law School Data Assembly Service

The Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS) will provide participating law schools with an analysis of an applicant’s academic work and with a record of his or her LSAT scores. An applicant applying to a participating school is required to submit the LSDAS Registration Form to have his or her college send a transcript directly to the Service. A copy of the transcript, along with the analysis and LSAT score summary, will then be sent to each law school designated by the applicant. A list of number codes for the schools participating in the service appears on the LSDAS Registration Form, which is enclosed with the Bulletin of Information.