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Suggestions to Those Applying to Law School

Since entrance into law school is becoming an increasingly competitive matter, the student is advised to consider the following suggestions:

  1. Every student interested in attending law school, no matter how good his or her academic average and LSAT scores, should apply to as many law schools as feasible, and should apply to law schools in varying ranges of difficulty in terms of entrance requirements. The student after assuming his or her own academic record, should set up three categories of schools and apply to some schools in each category. the categories are "relative" and will vary according to the desires and academic record/LSAT score of the individual student. The first category should be the one in which the student lists those schools which he or she most desires to enter but may be the most difficult for him or her to gain admission to. The second category should be schools where the individual would be perfectly satisfied and present at least a 50-50 chance of admission (obviously this requires an "educated guess" on the part of the student). The third category should represent "safety schools," that is, schools where the applicant’s chances seem to be very good. These schools may not be the applicant’s first choice, but they do offer a good legal education.

    Obviously again, this procedure is relative in terms of each individual student and involves some good "educated guesses" on the part of the student.
  2. It is strongly recommended that the student follow the suggested procedures in Item 1, above. However, because admissions is a personal thing, admissions committees are composed of human beings, and there are many variables a student should consider carefully in applying to any law school the student is genuinely interested in regardless of the "odds" against admission. More than occasionally schools admit a student who may not meet their published standards because of some non-quantitative variables. In short, take a chance, but always hedge your bet with more REALISTIC CHOICES AND SAFETY SCHOOLS!
  3. Apply early! The number of applications to law schools has increased dramatically in recent years, and so it is advantageous to have one’s file complete as soon as possible. With this in mind, all seniors are urged if they have not already done so, to take the LSAT in October, or at the latest, December 2004.