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Philosophy as a Secondary Emphasis

There is also a defined course of study for the addition of Philosophy as a Secondary Emphasis to supplement a student's POE in another program. In order to qualify for this secondary emphasis, a student should complete 18 credit hours in philosophy (5 or 6 philosophy courses). More specific, among these 18 credits must be:

  1. At least two philosophy courses at the 300 level from:
    • PL 310 - Contemporary Political Philosophy (H, S, 4 credits)
    • PL 305 - Modern Philosophy (H, CA, 4 credits)
    • PL 304 - Existentialism (H, 4 credits)
    • PL 314 - Philosophy of Physical Sciences (H, N, 3 credits)
    • PL 340 - Philosophy of Art (H, F, 3 credits)
  2. One logic course from:
    • PL 105 - Introduction to Logic (H, 3 credits)
    • PL 208 - Symbolic Logic (H, 3 credits)
  3. At least one course in the history of philosophy from:
    • PL 205 - Ancient Philosophy (H, 4 credits)
    • PL 245 - Chinese Philosophy (H, I, CA, 4 credits)
    • PL 305 - Modern Philosophy (H, CA, 4 credits)


(a) There are currently TWO philosophy courses [PL 245 - Chinese Philosophy, PL 305 - Modern Philosophy] with CA designations which can be used to fulfill the CA requirement. Any one of these courses may double count to fulfill both Secondary Emphasis in Philosophy and Cultural Analysis requirements. That means if you take any one of these courses as your CA course, then you only need to take 4 or 5 other philosophy courses.

(b) Also, a course could double count to fulfill multiple requirements, such as PL 305 counts as an advanced philosophy course AND a history of philosophy course (it also count as your CA course if you register it as a CA course).

Past students of the department have combined their secondary emphasis in Philosophy with a number of fields, including (but not limited to):