The Uses of Philosophy in Non-Academic Careers

Another question from our students: "Now, okay, I got it, the study of philosophy is fundamental to life and any academic pursuit. I am actually thinking of taking philosophy as my POE (major), but I am not sure I want to become a professional philosopher to teach and do research only. Could you tell me how could my philosophy training help me to secure a job after college?"


Philosophy Majors After College

" Figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency show philosophy graduates are in growing demand from employers. The number of all graduates in full-time and part-time work six months after graduation rose by 9 percent between the 2002-03 and 2005-06 school years; for philosophy graduates in particular it went up by 13 percent. The Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HECSU), which also collates data of this kind, agrees philosophers are finding it easier to secure work. Its figures show that, in 2001, 9.9 percent of philosophy graduates were unemployed six months after graduation. In 2006, just 6.7 percent were." (from APA website)

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