Juniata College Prospective Students
Current Students
PACS Faculty

Elizabeth Evans Baker Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, 
Director, the Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies 

Courses: The Idea of War
Intro to Peace & Conflict Studies
PACS Senior Thesis

E-mail : murray@juniata.edu
Phone: 814.641.3464

W. Clay & Kathryn H. Burkholder Professor of Conflict Resolution,
Director, Baker Mediation Services.

Courses: Mediation
Conflict Transformation
Conflict Resolution
Gender & Conflict

Living Communities


E-mail : cookhu@juniata.edu
Phone: 814.641.3465

Senior Fellow
Charles A. Dana Professor of Psychology, Emeritus

Courses: Applied Psychology: War & Peace
Self, Identity and Conflict

E-mail: drews@juniata.edu
Phone: 814.641.3680

Senior Fellow

Contact: skelly@juniata.edu

PACS Participating Faculty

Associate Professor of Physics,
Chair, Baker Institute Board of Advisors

Course: Nuclear Threat

E-mail : borgardt@juniata.edu
Phone: 814.641.6600

Assistant Professor of Communication

Course: Living Community

E-mail : cockett@juniata.edu
Phone 814.641.3549

David Hsiung
Charles R. and Shirley A. Knox Professor of History

Course: 20th Century American Wars

E-mail: hsiung@juniata.edu
Phone: 814.641.3534


Emil Nagengast
Associate Professor of Politics

Course: International Law & Human Rights

E-mail: nagengast@juniata.edu
Phone: 814.641.3650


James Roney

Professor of Russian

Course: Tolstoy

E-mail: roney@juniata.edu<br>
Phone: 814.641.3495


Randy Rosenberger
Swigart Supported Associate Professor of Business and Economics

Course: Bargaining & Conflict Management

E-mail : rosenberger@juniata.edu
Phone: 814.641.3662


David Sowell

Associate Professor of History,
Chair of History 

Courses: Social Violence in Latin America
Contemporary Latin America

E-mail: sowell@juniata.edu
Phone: 814.641.3676


Henry Thurston-Griswold

Professor of Spanish,
Chair World Languages

Course: Art & Activism in Latin America

E-mail: thurston@juniata.edu
Phone: 814.641.3499


Belle Tuten

W. Newton and Hazel A. Long Associate Professor of History

Course: Napoleon to Monnet

E-mail: tuten@juniata.edu
Phone: 814.641.3536


Paula Wagoner
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Course: Anthropology of War & Peace

E-mail: wagonerp@juniata.edu
Phone: 814.641.3653


Philip T Dunwoody
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Course: Political Psychology

E-mail: dunwoody@juniata.edu
Phone: 814.641.5333


Dennis Plane
Assistant Professor of Politics

Course: Political Psychology

E-mail: plane@juniata.edu
Phone: 814.641.3644