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Concert Choir

As the premier off-campus choral ensemble at Juniata, Concert Choir tours in the spring semester with repertoire focusing on historical sacred music spanning five centuries and several cultures. Each year, their fall semester repertoire focuses on historical secular music from madrigals to jazz.

Composed of 50 students from the College, the auditioned members of the Concert Choir come from several academic disciplines available at Juniata. Although there is no music major or minor at Juniata, choir members’ dedication and commitment to sharing the beauty of choral music provides meaningful experiences for both singer and listener. Recent choral department tours include Germany (2003), Ireland (2003), Croatia/Slovenia (2004), Brazil (2005), Poland/ Belarus/Russia (2005), Mexico (2006), Trinidad (2007), Appalachia, USA (2008), France (2009), Brasil (2010), Hungary/Romania (2011), Ireland (2012), Guatemala (2013), China (2014), Costa Rica (2015), and Germany (2015).

Academic credit is available to the Concert Choir members. Auditions take place on the day before classes begin in the fall semester.

"I attended the Concert Choir performance in Shelter Island a few Sundays ago and just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience!  It was remarkable to feel the enthusiasm and whole-hearted involvement of each of the members of the choir.  There was magic, joy and love in every voice!  Wishing you all continued success."  April 3, 2014
Auditions include . . .
Using simple patterns we’ll move up and down your range to see how high and how low you sing.
Using short melodies played on the piano, you’ll sing them back to see how developed your tonal memory is.
Using brief one-line melodies, we’ll see how well you sing at sight without the piano.  If you haven’t learned how to do this, we skip this part.
We’ll supply the words to this familiar melody in case you forget. If you do not know this song, you may sing your National Anthem.

Typical Annual Concert Choir Activities

Weekly Rehearsals
Fall Retreat
Fall Concert
Spring Retreat
Tour Rehearsals
Tour Homecoming Concert
Recording Weekend
Weekend Tour

Costs involved in Concert Choir include a one-time concert attire purchase ($100 for women and $130 for men), international tour (typically between $600 and $1200 billed as a course fee), and misc. costs (usually about $100 per year).

2015-2016 Activities/Dates

September 4 - 6
Dress Rehearsals
Sunday, October 25
Thursday, October 29
Friday, October 30
Fall Concert 3:00 PM
Sunday, November 1
January 22 – 24
Dress Rehearsals
Sunday, February 28
Wednesday, March 2
Thursday, March 3
New England Tour
March 4 - 13
Weekend Tour
March 18 – 20
March 31 and April 1
Homecoming 3:00 PM
Sunday, April 3
3:00 PM
Hungary/Czech Republic/Austria Tour
May 15 - May 29

Sample Concert Choir Music

Batten - O Sing Joyfully

Sametz - Gaudete

Pelon - In My Mind

Villette - Hymne a la Vierge

Dare to Breathe - How Can I Keep

Montoya - Jambo rafiki yangu

Click here for a list of recent Spring Tour repertoire.

Choral Union
The Concert Choir on tour in Croatia (2004)

Recent tours include: Germany (2003) Croatia-Slovenia-Italy (2004), Brazil (2005), Mexico (2006), Trinidad (2007), Appalachia, USA (2008), France (2009), Brasil (2010), Hungary-Romania (2011), Ireland (2012), Guatemala (2013), China (2014), Costa Rica (2015), and Germany (2015)