Reading and Vocabulary Development – ESL 152

Intensive English Program- Spring 2002

Course Syllabus


Instructor: Jaqueline Wachter

Office: Carriage House

Office Phone: 5313       Email: or

Home Phone: 766-3389




This course will offer specific strategies for improving reading comprehension and rate by using authentic materials (media and college-related texts). Vocabulary development will be an important component of the class, so that you are better able to understand more complex written information. Through on- campus interviews and discussion groups, students will understand the norms and expectations of the U.S. academic environment.


General Objectives














Baker-Gonzalez and Blau, Building on Understanding (Longman)

Heyer, Sandra, More True Stories (Longman)

Miscellaneous articles from newspapers and magazines







Class attendance is assumed. Any UNEXCUSED absence is one mark off your final grade. Three lates=  one absence.  Poor attendance will significantly affect your overall grade. Consistent attendance is also extremely important for syllabus updates, in-class exercises, group work, videos, lecture material not covered in the text, and exam reviews. Excellent attendance will certainly be rewarded. Do not let a borderline grade be determined by poor attendance.





























A question covering content taught on the previous class or based on assigned reading will be asked at the beginning of each regular class meeting (exam days excluded). Students who correctly answer the question will receive .5 point, those who miss the question will receive .0 points ad those students who are absent (or late) will be deducted .5 points. The cumulative total of these points will account for (maximally) 5% of your grade for the semester.



There will be three or four Tests to assess your mastery of the reading strategies and other information presented.


                                        Four Tests (10% each)      40%



You will learn to develop your own vocabulary storage system and there will be weekly quizzes on vocabulary.

                                        14 quizzes (2% each)        28%



In the last few weeks, you will work on an Independent Reading Project, which will involve reading a portion of a college textbook, in your choose field of study. Vocabulary and Journal Responses will be related to this reading.





Throughout the semester, you will read several short stories (British and American Short Stories) as well as a novel. You will react to the readings by writing your response in your Reading Response Journal each week (10 weeks). Once a week, you will join a discussion group to assess your understanding of the story. At the end of the semester, your group will write a summary of the story and give a presentation about the chosen book.