World Languages 201-204: Language in Motion

(1 credit)


Dr. Deb Roney

106 Humanities


Office hours: Tues. and Thurs., 12:00-1:00 p.m., and by appointment


Course description

This one-credit, service-learning course provides opportunities for international students, study-abroad returnees, and upper-level language students to expand their knowledge of language and culture and to enrich local public school language classrooms.† After attending workshops on language teaching methodology and presentation techniques, students will conference with the instructor and host teachers to develop individual projects for presentation in school classrooms.† Particular activities will depend on the knowledge and interests of the students and the requests of the host teachers. The course is repeatable.


Course objectives

Students are expected to gain knowledge of or improve their control of:



WL 201:† Attendance at and active participation in all scheduled workshops and the required presentations is mandatory.† If you miss a workshop for any reason, make-up work will be required.†


Students must participate in the following workshops:

q       General introduction to the program

q       Idea generation

q       Workshop with area teachers (students will showcase a three- to five-minute sample activity)

q       Language teaching methodology

q       Using film, art, and music


WL 202-204 and students with other teaching experience:† Attendance at the workshop with area teachers is required, and you are welcome to attend any or all of the other Language in Motion meetings. In place of any meeting you do not attend, you will be required to make up the hours by doing additional presentations.



Students will be given either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory (Pass/Non-Pass) for their work in the course. Participation in workshop discussions and completion of individual projects are required. The projects will consist of a minimum of one school dayís worth, or seven hours, of presentations (in most cases, this is seven presentations) in school classrooms or via distance learning options to the school students. †Presentation scheduling will be done in consultation with the director and the participating teachers.


The studentís individual projects will be evaluated by the instructor, by the host teacher, by the public school students, and by the presenters themselves.† The instructor will do the final evaluation for the course grade.


Presentation Scheduling

Students are encouraged to schedule their Language-in-Motion presentations so as not to conflict with other courses they are taking.† When this is not possible because of the school schedules or travel distance, a field trip excuse can be given for each course ONE time.† The student is responsible for getting permission ahead of time from the faculty member teaching any course he or she will miss to do Language in Motion presentations and for making up any missed work.† The Director will follow up with an official verification of the scheduling if the student has provided the information.



Teachers change their plans and sometimes their studentsí preparation when we are coming.† They are counting on us and looking forward eagerly to seeing us.† Therefore, it is extremely important that the Juniata student presenters honor all commitments they make to do presentations.† Do not forget or sleep through them!!† If an emergency (illness) arises, contact the Director BY PHONE (x3493) as soon as possible so the teacher can be notified.† More than one missed commitment without prior notification will result in the student being dropped from the program.


Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal without question will be allowed until the drop-add date established by the college.† Withdrawal after that date will require permission of the instructor.† No withdrawal will be permitted after mid-semester.


Academic Integrity

Students are expected to adhere scrupulously to the Juniata College policy on academic integrity.† Ignorance is no excuse.† Plagiarism will be penalized by an F on the assignment, and a report will be filed with the Provostís office.


Some Useful Texts