1700 MOORE ST.





(GOOD 220 – M, W, F; 10:00 -10:55)


LABS (three groups)

(GOOD 216, 221, 222; 12:00 – 12:50)


Instructor: R. Fernando Martinez

Office: Good Hall 307

Phone: 641-3660

Home: (814)

Office Hours: M, W, F (3:30 – 5:30) and T (2:00 – 5:00)

E-mail: martinez@juniata.edu or fnando25@hotmail.com



Required Materials

1.- Aventuras, 1st ed, by P. R. Donley, J. L. Benavides, & S. Márquez

2.- Web-SAM – Electronic version  of the Aventuras Workbook (WB), Lab Manual (LM), and Video Manual (VM)

3.- Interactive CD-ROM (1 CD-ROM), Video CD-ROM (1 V CD-ROM), Textbook Audio CD’s and Lab MP3 Files Audio CD-ROM



Course Objective and Policies


Spanish 120 is the continuation of the three-semester introductory Spanish sequence. The primary goals of this course are to enable students to continue building their proficiency in Spanish and to attain a broader understanding of Hispanic cultures. There is no magic formula for learni8ng a foreign language, but there is a treat. The treat and the key for acquiring any skill is through practice and our aim should be to facilitate the learning process by fostering a positive environment in which we can use only Spanish to communicate with each other. Please, do not feel afraid to make mistakes when learning new things (including languages). The challenge before us is to learn from our mistakes as we work toward achieving functional proficiency in Spanish.


It is important to recognize that students begin this class with different backgrounds and proficiency levels in Spanish, and we all need to be supportive and patient with one another. Experience has taught me that students who tend to make the most progress in this course are not necessarily those who enter with the stronger skills, but rather those who invest the most energy and enthusiasm in the class. Your acquisition of the language depends on the quality and quantity of your practice both in and outside the classroom.


It is normal to feel frustrated when you cannot find the words to express what you are thinking and feeling, and that frustration is compounded when attempting to communicate in another language. Three keys for language acquisition are patience, perseverance, and sense of humor, all of which help keep frustration at bearable levels, as does setting attainable goals. You will not be “fluent” in Spanish at the end of SP 120, but you will be much more proficient in your ability to express yourself regarding a variety of familiar topics in Spanish. In addition, foreign language study provides you with the opportunity to enrich your understanding both of your own culture and Hispanic/Latin cultures. Please make the effort to view the world with a different set of cultural lenses, taking the imaginative leap necessary to see it from a different perspective.


Try to enjoy the classes because the more you get involved in the interaction in Spanish taking place inside and outside the classroom, the more you will realize how good it feels to share ideas and perspectives about personal backgrounds and cultural issues with people from both the United States and other countries. It is usually said that once you have a dream in the language you are studying, you can be sure you are going in the right direction to become fluent in that language, so spoke, think, and dream in Spanish.







Criteria descriptions


The following criteria have been established to ensure quality student preparation for class and fair evaluation of student performance.



Unit Grade Criteria

Attendance       10%      (one point less for every absence)

Participation     10%      (speaking in class is part of the participation)

Assignments     10%      (two points less for each missing assignment)

Web-SAM        20%      (there is a due date for completing exercises)

Pop Quizzes      10%      (there is a pop quiz for every unit

Unit exam          40%     (includes grammar, reading, listening, writing, and oral)


Grading Scale

96 – 100    = A                  67 – 69   = D+

90 -  95     = A-                 63 – 66   = D

87 -  89     = B+                60 – 62   = D-

83 - 86      = B                   Below 59   = F

80 – 82     = B-

77 – 79     = C+

73 – 76     = C

70 – 72     = C-



Attendance: Attendance is one of the most important issues in the classroom. Attending each single class helps us (classmate and instructor) to follow and continue the program without any kind of interruption. It helps us finishing the program on time and every student takes advantage of each class. It is also taken into consideration as part of the grade.


Participation: Constant participation in classroom activities is extremely important. The various forms of participation inside and outside the classroom will help us to develop our skills in the language acquisition. Self, pair, and group work will be taken into account as participation inside and outside the classroom. Obviously, the quality of your participation depends on the regular attendance and arriving in class well-prepared to contribute to class activities.  Attending to films (Spanish) will be taken as participation.


Assignment: Because of the comprehensive nature of learning a foreign language, it is imperative that you keep up with the work, which means assignments in the text, web activities and any other. These must be done by the day they are assigned. As a general rule, you are expected to spend two hours studying on your own for each hour you spend in class. Remember that if you miss a class, you are responsible for finding out what the homework was for that day (look at syllabus). Do not wait for me to tell you what is going on.


Always review your assignments before turning them in and after the instructor has returned them back. You will learn from your own mistakes. Assignments are always corrected by me.


Mesa Hispánica: Mesa Hispánica is a conversation table that meets weekly on Tuesdays at 12:00 PM or Wednesdays at 6:00 PM at the Faculty Lounge of Ellis Center. It provides an opportunity to practice your Spanish speaking and listening skills in an informal setting as well as to interact with Latin international students and other Juniata Spanish students (this is for Spanish 210 and upper levels, but you are welcome to attend).



Diary: Each student needs to buy a small notebook and write two short essays (no less than 100 words) every week about personal information concerning your-self, family, everyday life, cultural experiences, and radio spots.



Self-evaluation: Students will evaluate themselves twice during the semester about academic work. More instructions will be given later.



Quizzes and exam: There will be 5 exams (units 7-11) and pop quizzes throughout the semester. All exams include grammar, reading, writing, listening, and oral sections.



Oral exams: There will be two oral exams during the semester. More details and schedules will be given during the semester.



Cultural presentations: Each student needs to do a 5 minutes cultural presentation in the semester. The topics will be selected by the students. The main purpose of the presentations is for you to find out more about an aspect of Hispanic/Latin culture(s) that interest you and then to teach your classmates what you learned. Following the presentation, your classmates will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide commentary. All students will be responsible for the information provided during all in-class presentation and follow-up discussions.



Culture: Cultural Spanish events or activities during the semester (movies, club activities, attending to Spanish and Latin food restaurant, attending to Fiesta Latina, etc.) will be taken into consideration as participation, too.


Final exam: This will be given at the end of the semester (TBA). It includes grammar, listening, writing, and oral sections with a value of 40-60%. More details will be given later on.




The Aventuras Web-SAM (Student Activity Manual) delivers the entire Aventuras Workbook/Video Manual and Lab Manual online with automatic scoring. Both the Lab Audio Program and the Video program can also be accessed quickly and conveniently using the MP3 Files and Audio CD-ROM and the Video CD-ROM provided in your textbook package. All activities assigned in the course schedule are to be completed prior to the exam. Discrete items exercises are scored automatically, and I will select other open-ended exercises to be grated.


See the final page of the syllabus for instructions how to register for Web-SAM.


Academic Integrity: Students are expected to be academically honest. All work must be yours and cheating will not be tolerated. Cases of suspected academic dishonesty will be referred to Academic Support Service.


Students with backgrounds in Spanish:  I expect an extra effort from theses students both in their homework and in oral/written tests, even if their previous experience with Spanish was not very productive.


How to prepare for a typical class…..


1.- Start with the main text, carefully reading introductory material end explanations, studying examples, and then doing the textbook’s exercises orally as well as writing out answers where appropriate.

2.- Do the corresponding exercises assigned on the interactive CD-ROM program (1 CD-ROM), paying special attention to the items that you miss.

3.- Complete the activities assigned in the Web-SAM, generally starting with the Workbook and following with the Lab or Video exercises (remember that most of these exercises will be graded, so they should be completed with care).


Codes and Course Calendar:

A= Aventuras text

WB = Workbook

1 CD-ROM = Interactive CD-ROM

LM = Lab Manual


VM = Video Manual














    lunes  29

- Course Introduction

- Read Syllabus

* Read Syllabus

* Study pretérito (verbos regulares) pp. 142-43

* Write a paragraph about activities you did during

   summer   (hand in)



 miércoles 31

- Review of verbs

- Game (verbs)

- Play role activity

- Discussion

* Direct Object Nouns and Pronouns pp. 122

* Do ex 3 pp. 123 (hand in)

* Do Manos a la obra pp. 123 (hand in)

* Read pp. 144-145

* Do ex 2 pp. 144 & Manos a la obra pp. 145 (hand in)



    viernes 2

- Review of Direct and Indirect Object pronouns.

Capítulo 7 - LA VIDA DIARIA

*  Study vocabulary pp. 158-59

* Do ex 1, 2, 3, and 4  pp. 160-61



      lunes 5

- pp. 158-63

- La rutina diaria

- Activities

* Watch video and read pp. 164-65

* Do ex 1 & 2 pp. 166 (hand in)


    miércoles 7

- pp. 164-66

- Talking about a typical

- Watch video and discuss

* Read pp. 168-69

* Do ex 1, 2, and Manos a la obra

* Study common reflexive verbs pp. 169 (yellow box) & conjugate (any)10 of these verbs (hand in)



     viernes 9

- pp. 168-69

- Activities

- Write a paragraph about a typical day in Juniata

* Read pp. 172-73

* Do Manos a la obra & ex 1 and 2 pp. 172

* Do ex 3 pp. 173 (hand in)



     lunes  12

- pp. 172-73

- Activities and game

- Watch video (latin music)

* Read pp. 174-75

* Do ex 1 and 2 pp. 174   * Do ex 3 pp 175 (hand in)

* Do Manos a la obra pp. 175 (hand in)

* Write a paragraph about things you like and dislike about popular singers, mention favorite singers (hand in).


  miércoles 14

- pp. 174-75

- Activities

- Discuss ex 3 pp. 175

- Ex 4 (group work)


* Study for exam and finish all Web-SAM activities


    viernes 16

- Convivio para celebrar el Día de la Independencia de

México (pot luck)

* Read pp. 176-80

* Do ex 1 pp 176

* Read story pp. 178-79 & Do ex ¿Comprendiste? and   Preguntas pp. 179 (hand in)


     lunes  19

- Exam - Capítulo 7

Capítulo 8 – ¡A comer!

* Read pp. 181-183




  miércoles 21

- pp.181-85

- Game (vocabulary)

- Talk about restaurant sketch & form groups

* Read 188-93

* Watch Video

* Do ex 1 and 2 pp 190 (hand in)

* Do Manos a la obra pp. 192 (hand in)


    viernes 23

- pp. 188-93

- Ex 3 pp. 190 (pair work)

- Talk about Comida Hispana & watch video

* Do ex 3 by yourself pp. 193 (questions and answers on a separate piece of paper – hand in)

* Study pp. 194-95

* Do ex 2 and Manos a la obra pp. 194-95 (hand in)


    lunes 26

- pp. 194-195

- Explanation of double object pronouns

* Do handout for practice

* Study pp. 196-97

* Do ex Manos a la obra, 1 and 2 pp. 196 (hand in)



  miércoles 28

- pp. 194-96

- Review of double object pronoun

- Game (object pronouns)

* Study pp. 198-99

* Do ex 1 and 2 pp. 198

* Compare two things and write as many examples as you can using the comparisons of equality



    viernes 30

- 198-99

- Work on menu

* Get together to work on your sketch (writing part)

* Bring draft to class on Monday




     monday 3


- Revision of draft

* Work on final draft

* Read pp. 200-204

* Do ex 1 pp. 200 (hand in)

* Do ex ¿Comprendiste? and Preguntas pp. 203 (hand

   miércoles 5

- pp. 200-203

- Watch video  (food)

* Study for exam and finish Web-SAM activities


      viernes 7

- Exam - Capítulo 8

* Have a nice Fall Recess

* Memorize sketch

  miércoles 12

- pp 209-211

- Activities

- Jeopardy (vocabulary)

* Work on pp. 212-13

* Do ex 1 and 2 pp. 212 (hand in)

* Prepare for presentations (restaurant)

  jueves  13  y

    viernes 14

- No labs

- Both days for     presentations (restaurant)

* Study Vocabulary pp. 210-11


      lunes  17

- This day will be for any lost day (Mountain Day)


  miércoles 19

 Capítulo 9

       Las celebraciones

- pp. 209-13

- Jeopardy

* pp. 212-17

* Do ex. 1, and 2 pp. 212

* Do ex 3 and 4 pp. 213

* Watch video pp. 216-17


    viernes 21

- pp. 212-17

- Activities

- Video Discussion

* Study and learn irregular verbs pp. 220-21

* Do ex 1, and 2

* Do Manos a la obra pp. 221 (hand in)



     lunes 24

- pp. 220-21

- Game

- Activities

- Talk about cultural presentations

* Study very carefully verbs pp. 222-23

* Do Manos a la obra pp. 222 (hand in)

* Do ex 1 pp. 222

* Movie at 8:00 PM


  miércoles 26

- pp. 222-23

- Activities

- Discussion about the movie

* Write a paragraph mentioning and describing the five main problems in the movie.

* pp. 224-25

* Do Manos a la obra pp. 225 (hand in)


    viernes 28

- pp. 224-25

- Schedule for cultural presentations

* Study pp. 226-231

* Do Manos a la obra pp. 226 (hand in)

* Read pp. 230-31

* Do ex Comprendiste? & Preguntas pp. 230-231


     lunes 31

- pp. 226-231

- Review for exam


* Study for exam and finish Web-SAM activities




   miércoles 2

- Exam – Capítulo 9

          Capítulo 10 – En el consultorio

* Read pp. 233-35 / learn vocabulary



     viernes  4

- pp. 234-235

- Game (vocabulary)

- Discussion about the mayor health problems

* Read article about health problems and answer questions


       lunes 7

- Example of cultural presentation

- Discuss article and answers

* Work on your cultural presentations



  miércoles 9

- pp. 236-41

- Activities

- Watch video and discussion

* pp. 244-45

* Do Manos a la obra pp. 245 (hand in)

   viernes 11

   lunes 14

- pp. 244

- Work on imperfect tense

- Work on handouts

* Finish handouts

* pp. 246-47

* Do Manos a la obra pp. 247 (hand in)


  miércoles 16

- pp. 246-47

- Activities

- Watch video (health)

* pp. 248-49

* Do Manos a la obra & ex 1 pp. 248 (hand in)

   viernes 18

- Cultural presentations

* Study for exam and finish Web-SAM activities


    lunes 21

- 248-53

- Activities


* Have a nice Thanksgiving Recess

* Study for exam

  lunes 28

- Exam – Capítulo 10

* Read pp 259-61

* Study vocabulary pp. 260-61



  miércoles 30

- pp. 259-263

- Game

- Activities


* Answer questions ex 5 pp. 264 (hand in)




    viernes 2



- Cultural presentations


* Watch video and do ex 1 and 2 pp. 268

* Study pp. 270-71

* Learn the uses of preterite and imperfect pp. 270 yellow boxes

* Do ex 1 pp. 270 & Manos a la obra pp. 271



lunes 5  &

   miércoles 7

- pp. 268-71

- Work on difference of preterite and imperfect

- Work on the difference of por and para



* Work on handouts



- pp. 274-78

- Possessive adjectives and pronouns

- Activities

* Study for exam and finish Web-SAM activities

* Read article: Intelegencia y memoria pp. 278-79

   coming on the exam

  Lunes 12

- Exam – Capítulo 11

* Study for final exam TBA





Note: This syllabus is subject to change & there is extra homework that is not included in it.














                                                        ¡ B U E N A     S U E R T E !