IT, Computer Science,
& Digital Media

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Freshmen year

The freshman year can be rather exploratory in nature. Principles of IT and Computer Science I are courses shared by all three programs. Discrete Structures is the primary mathematics which just requires high school algebra that provides the basis for study in Computer Science and Information Technology.

Sophomore year

This is the year that students usually follow a more distinct course sequence. Computer Science students will be studying Computer Organization, Computer Science II and some calculus and statistics. Information Technology students will be studying Information Systems and Software Engineering while developing skill in communication and business. Digital Media students will also study Information Systems and communication and media studies.

Junior year

This is the year when study abroad may be considered. Courses more in-depth and specific to the program are taken. Database Management, Network Design, and Web Design are common for Information Technology students. Computer Science students may take courses such as Algorithms and Analysis, Graphics, and Languages and Translation. Digital Media students would enjoy Digital Video Production, Hypermedia and a course in photography. Of course there are many other options for all programs available.

Senior year

Additional advanced courses are taken along with some appropriate capstone experience. All students will have ample opportunities to do research, do an independent study or project specific to the student’s area, work on a group project in Innovations for Industry, and/or do an internship.