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Types of International Students

Type #'s Fall '07 Description
Degree Regular Admit / Transfer 41 Regular degree candidates who go through the Enrollment Office for admission - Some students are conditionally accepted due to English level, i.e. TOEFL score less than 550.
Sponsored / Special Scholarship 5 PLUS
3 Fulbright
Students are sponsored through government-funded or private scholarship agencies. In some cases, the students are transferring credits from previous university study and must complete program in two years. - PLUS = Partnerships for Learning in Undergraduate Studies; Fulbright = Fulbright Undergraduate Programs; IEAW = Initiative to Educate Afghan Women
Exchange JCEX
Juniata Exchange
4 Partner Degree
Juniata's institutional exchange agreements
BCA - Brethren Colleges Abroad 5 Brethren Colleges Abroad
Intensive English 9 Study is primarily in IEP
Nondegree Courses and Research 0 nondegree students may come to complete requirements for home university - a combination of course work and research work
Visiting Language Instructors 3 nondegree students who also teach language courses