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Study Abroad in Psychology


Through study abroad, Psychology students have the opportunity to be more directly exposed to locations, issues, and cultures that are relevant to their current and future professional interests. In addition, students may have the opportunity to take courses that are not offered in our department – e.g., Cross-cultural or gender courses, Industrial-Organizational psychology, Sleep and Dreams.

Psychology students may study abroad at almost any point in their time at Juniata. However, students will need to balance study abroad with completing the following courses that are required for the POE in Psychology: Statistics for Social Sciences (ND.SS 214), Research Methods in Psychology (PY 309), and Senior Capstone in Psychology (PY 415). Faculty strongly recommend that students complete Statistics and Research Methods prior to going abroad, though we recognize that this may not always be possible. The Senior Capstone course requires students to be in residence at Juniata for one semester during their senior year.

Students completing the Designated POE in Psychology are required to take the following courses in residence at Juniata College: (a) Statistics for Social Sciences (ND.SS 214), (b) Research Methods in Psychology (PY 309), and (c) Senior Capstone in Psychology (PY 415). Otherwise, students may complete many POE requirements while at a university abroad. It is strongly recommended that students discuss potential psychology courses that may be taken abroad with their POE advisor and the Psychology Department chair prior to formally registering for study abroad.

Students should meet with their Psychology Department faculty advisor to plan their course of study, particularly if taking psychology courses at the study abroad institution. Students need to keep in mind the need to complete Statistics, Research Methods, and Senior Capstone courses in residence at Juniata.

Year 1

enroll in a foreign language, especially Spanish

participate in a summer study abroad program

Year 2

continue with the foreign language

Year 3

Study abroad, especially at a Spanish-speaking site, or Leeds, UK. Our students have studied abroad at a variety of institutions and there is no specific or typical destination for these students. We have had students study abroad in England, Northern Ireland, France, Australia, Germany, Spain, Ecuador, Greece, The Gambia, Czech Republic, New Zealand, and Scotland.


incorporate your research abroad into your senior year courses