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Study Abroad in Mathematics


Study abroad gives the mathematics major a broader range of upper level mathematics courses to take. This complements well the various courses we currently offer here at Juniata. Study abroad also gives students the opportunity to interact with experts in the different fields of mathematics from different countries. Because of the progression of a typical major in our programs, the best time for students to go abroad is during their junior year. At that point, the students would have taken enough mathematics courses that would prepare them to take upper level mathematics courses. Upper level mathematics courses taken abroad will, in general, satisfy the Mathematics POE requirements for upper level courses. Approval of these courses is handled on a case by case basis by the Mathematics department.

Year 1

begin fulfilling mathematics requirements

Year 2

continue fulfilling mathematics requirements

Year 3

Students in the past have taken upper level mathematics courses from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) through the St. Andrews Society Scholarship, the University of Newcastle (Australia) and the University of Leeds (England). Other excellent opportunities are the Budapest semesters in Hungary and the Math in Moscow program at the Independent University of Moscow where all courses in both programs are taught in English. International parnters that offer upper level mathematics courses alsoinclude the University of the Gambia (Africa) and the University of Waikato (New Zealand).

Year 4

consider incorporating your research abroad into your projects at home