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Study Abroad in Peace and Conflict Studies


The Peace and Conflict Studies program demands a certain acquaintance with the “world out there” and is greatly enhanced by the kind of intercultural sophistication that can only be developed by first hand experience.  From an understanding of how war has affected particular nations to a better feel for the intricacies of intercultural conflict resolution, international experience provides for opportunities that are potentially of critical importance to students of Peace and Conflict Studies.  The designated POE for PACS requires students to have second language competency and to do a minimum of a semester abroad or a domestic or international internship. One should begin planning for study abroad during the first semester at Juniata.  Normally students go abroad in the junior year but we can design flexibility.  Some students have spent time abroad in their sophomore and senior years.  Go, come back.

Normally one should take the introductory courses and Senior Thesis at Juniata.  The interdisciplinary nature of the PACS POE makes it especially suited to including a variety of courses that might be available in an international experience. The EU internship requires a special application process with the Baker Institute.  Otherwise students should plan their time abroad with their advisors and with the Center for International Education.

Year 1

Enroll in a foreign language.

Participate in the summer in India program.

Year 2

Continue with your language.

Year 3

Ireland and Spain have particularly good opportunities for PACS students, as well as the Conflict Studies program at Marburg, Germany.  We also have an excellent internship program with the European Union Parliament in Belgium.  PACS students have also studied, or done research, in New Zealand, Australia,The Gambia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, France, Hungary, England, Greece and China.

Year 4

Incorporate your research abroad into your senior year courses.