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Study Abroad in ABE


here are many terrific and widely varied places to study abroad if your POE is under the ABE dept. umbrella.  If you chat with any of our professors, you will find that we all know something about at least a few of our exchange partners. Business is global today and the international experience that comes with study abroad can position you well for future career endeavors. You will expand your skill set by learning about another culture; proving to yourself that you can move about the world comfortably; and by flexing, if you are so inclined, your foreign language muscles. Studying abroad is fun. You will meet new and different people, see new and different things, and have new and different experiences.

Many of the ABE Department’s core Management courses are offered only in the fall semester, so students should pay attention to how this might affect their course scheduling.  This doesn’t have to limit the “when” to study abroad choice.  If students elect to study abroad for the fall semester of the junior year or for the entire junior year, then the core Management courses can be taken in the fall semester of the senior year or might be found at the study abroad institution.  Many of our exchange partners offer these core Management courses.

Some of our exchange partners have course offering that can round out or extend a students study in some academic disciplines.  For example, our exchange partner in Australia (University of Newcastle) has a full slate of undergraduate courses in Human Resource Management (HRM), which could nicely supplement a POE in HRM.  A number of our exchange partners provide extensive offerings in Economics, and these courses could be used to complement a student’s Juniata coursework in Economics.

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