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Mexico: Xalapa

Regional Information

Xalapa is definitely a change from the small town of Huntingdon, PA if you feel like you want to be somewhere totally new! Xalapa is the capital of the state of Veracruz. It is a culturally-rich city, also called the City of Flowers, because of all the green parks and beautiful plazas. There is always something fun to do in Xalapa. There are museums, art galleries, and cafes scattered throughout the city. There are many opportunities to go to the theater, live concerts, or the symphony orchestra. A short taxi ride away there is a mall called Plaza Americas, containing an abundance of shops, restaurants and a movie theater. A short bus or taxi ride out of Xalapa can bring you to several other towns with their own distinct attractions. For example, there is Xico, known for its waterfalls, and Coatepec, known for its excellent coffee. Xalapa also has great night life, with an assortment of bars and clubs open during the week. If you are willing to travel a little bit longer, you can make your way to some of the gorgeous beaches located in Veracruz.

- Meagan Schneiderman, studied in Xalapa Spring 2011

Colorful boats in Xalapa, Mexico. Photo by Meagan Schneiderman '12 Photo by Meagan Schneiderman '12

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