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Spain: Sevilla

Educational Setting

At Universidad Pablo de Olavide they have lots of activities for internationals. The first is the Intercambio or exchange program where the first week they partner you up with a Spanish friend at UPO so you can practice Spanish and they can practice English. Throughout the semester there are lots of Intercambio events like dinners, movies, various activities set up by the international office to get international students mingling with the Spanish ones. This past semester there was also an international soccer (fútbol) and volleyball teams that played pickup about once a week. I'm not sure if these were set up by student initiative though. There are also a number of dance classes and Spanish culture classes that the office will set up throughout the semester.

Probably the most well attended of all events and activities were the field trips set up by the international office. These were mainly day trips to surrounding cities outside Seville offered at a great cost to UPO students. They were a great way to meet people in the program and most tours were offered in Spanish, in addition to English, for those who wanted to immerse themselves.

- Written by Elise Mihranian '14, studied in Sevilla spring 2013

Pablo de Olavide has a larger campus than Juniata, however it isn't too hard to navigate and all of the classes for international students takes place within two buildings that are across from each other. The university matches each student up with a native Spanish student so that you can have someone to meet up with so you can further practice your Spanish and they their English. Pablo de Olavide also has trips and activities planned so international students can see more of Spain as well as mingle with Spanish students. Classes require less work than what we are used to at Juniata, however, that is not to say that no work is required, as our grades transfer directly back.

- Written by Alexandra Willis '14, studied in Sevilla spring 2013


JC Grade UPO Grade Credis (UPO = JC)
A 9.5 - 10.0
4.5 = 3
A- 9-9.4
B+ 8.5-8.9
B 7.5-8.4
B- 7-7.4


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