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Spain: Sevilla

Academic Courses

Most Juniata students enroll in language and culture classes for foreign students in the Hispanic Studies Program (Estudios Hispánicos). Students with a high level of Spanish may take regular university classes with Spanish students. These are listed under the link University Integration Program (PIU). It is very common for students going to UPO for the full year to take classes in the Hispanic Studies Program for the first semester and then take classes through the PIU in the second semester, due to their improved Spanish language abilities.

Click here for a list of classes offered through the Hispanic Studies Program.

Click here for more information about the University Integration Program (PIU) and a list of classes.

I took 12 credits while abroad as to not overload myself too much, as I was not sure what to expect. I think that this was a good decision as it left more time to learn more about the local culture, however, taking 15 is definitely doable. A broad range of classes are available in different disciplines. I took two classes in Spanish: A Spanish language course and a course on business Spanish. Both of these classes were entirely in Spanish. My other two courses were in English: International Marketing and History of Spanish Art.

I loved all of my classes as all of my teachers were enthusiastic about their class and were helpful to me when I needed help. My POE is Health Marketing with Integrated Media Arts and a secondary emphasis in Spanish, so the courses I took were helpful to add to the credits I need to graduate. I would suggest the business Spanish course to any business POE that has an interest in international business where the language skills would come in handy and the International Marketing class was really informative and expands on what we learn in IEI. I would also highly recommend taking a Spanish language course, you are after all in Spain, and having a good knowledge of the native language will come in handy. I would suggest taking the History of Spanish Art course (it could count for a needed Fine Arts credit), as I found that learning about the culture around me was really interesting.

- Written by Alexandra Willis '14 who studied in Sevilla spring 2013

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