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Quito is about 15 miles south of the equator, about 9,895 ft high, and much longer than it is wide. It stretches an impressive mountain range for 24 miles. The surrounding area is so diverse: you have the rain forest, cloud forest, beaches, Andes Mountains, Galapagos islands. Also, it's easy to travel, since taxis are everywhere and buses come every 10 minutes. There's always something to do, and easily someone to meet. The people are the friendliest I have ever met and are interested in why you visit. A common question is, "What do you think of my country?"

The University of San Francisco is a 0.25 cent bus ride away over the valley into Cumbaya. The ride is always interesting with vendors hopping on the bus to sell movies, music, and empanadas.

Like in any big city however, it can be dangerous. So be careful about which barrios you go to. Being mindful of your surroundings and being smart will keep you safe and out of trouble

-Lindsay Norton, studied in Quito Fall 2009

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