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Germany: Marburg

Philipps University

Marburg is a comprehensive university with opportunities for students in the natural sciences (especially chemistry), social sciences, and the humanities.

Students planning to study in Marburg on the exchange should be prepared to pay their living costs in the first month, including housing and security deposit, during the pre-semester language course. Juniata covers the costs of the language course and orientation program, but not living costs. The students receive a stipend for living costs during the remainder of the year, from October to July.

Marburg is a direct enroll German-language site, but, for an extra fee, students without German fluency may enroll in the International Undergraduate Study Program (IUSP). Students in the IUSP will receive room and board instead of a stipend towards room and board; they will also be billed for the extra components of the IUSP including excursions and tutoring (2008-09 fees totalled 580 Euros/ semester).

Tuition will cover the Orientation Program (Orientationsprogramm), Pre-semester language course for the month of September (Sprachkurs), and Semester Dues (Semester Beitrag).

Students should bring enough money with them to cover personal expenses, including:

-Food and kitchen supplies/utensils
-Cell phone
-Health Insurance
-Going out on the town/other travels