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France: Lille

Regional Information:Lille, France street performer by Elena Woiciechowska '13

City of Lille:

- Written by Elise Panko who studied in Lille Academic Year 2011-2012

Holidays and Celebrations

France consists of 22 regions which vary not only in landscape but traditions, customs, food, and dialects as well. Each region has a lot to offer and worth a visit to discover their hidden charms. Here are just a few holidays and celebrations that you should check out while you are in France!

La Fête des Rois (Epiphany of twelfth night) - January 6th: With this French holiday you are in for a treat! Delicious cakes called Galete de Roi are sold and shared through out all of France. The cake comes in two varieties, one with pommes (apples) and other with frangipane (almond paste). Hidden in the cake you will find a fève  (usually a small plastic figure) The person that finds this becomes the king and will put on the crown that is provided with the cake.

La  Chandeleur - February 2nd: On this day in France it is a tradition to eat crêpes. So find your self a French friend and try to make it a goal to get invited to someones house for some delicious galetes (savory crêpes) and/orcrêpes

Lille Carnival by Elena Woiciechowska '13Carnivals in the spring: By the end of February and beginning of March you will see many Carnivals passing though France and the rest of Europe. One of the most famous is in Nice. However, something close to Lille is called Carnival de Dunkerque . This is a very famous carnival in the North. The tradition is for all the men to dress up as women.  It is a day of festivities that is definitely worth a visit.

La Fête du Travail - May 1st: This is an international labor day. On this day it is a tradition to sell flowers. Don’t be surprised to see flower stands all throughout the streets

Summer brings many festivals. One in particular that stand out is La Fête de Musique. On this day you will not go without hearing music everywhere, people set out in the middle of any corner they can find and perform. Although the most famous is in Paris, Lille has many opportunities to enjoy this very charming French holiday.

Carnival in France by Elena Woiciechowska '13La Toussaint - November 1st: France's version of All Saint's Day. Most schools and universities will have vacation around this time. 





Advice when travelling in Lille and France

- Written by Elena Woiciechowska who studied in Lille Academic Year 2011-2012

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Opera House in Lille, France by Elena Woiciechowska '13Old Lille by Elena Woiciechowska '13