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France: Lille

Housing: AEU Office at 47 boulevard Vauban, Lille, France

Most students studying in Lille whether it is for the year or a semester live in student dorms that are located all through out the city.  All residences are singles and you will not have an option for a roommate. The sizes of the rooms vary. All dorms are equipped with kitchens where you may prepare your meals. Most residences have communal bathrooms, however, there are some that will have a private bathroom. Since not all dorms are the same it is important to choose the right dorm for you. Click here to see the list of dorms, some photos, and a brief description of them. This website provides the residence list, contact information, as well as the application form.

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AEU is the organization that is in charge of student housing.The perks to being part of the AEU is you can sign up for a gym that is located in the basement of the residence right across the AEU and costs around 36 Euro a month. AEU will also  provide an integration day in the beginning of September as well as other nights through out the year that are worth a visit.

When it comes to housing in Lille it is essential to apply early if you wish to live closer to where you will be having classes. The key word with AEU is persistence. Do not panic if they do not respond to you and try sending a reminder email. It is not unusual for them to take months to place you in housing, so you must be patient, but contact them if you have any questions.

If you are  studying abroad for the whole year it is worth while getting financial help from the government. It is a rent rebate called ALS (Allocation Logement Social). ALS is an allowance paid by the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF). Its aim is to help students pay for their accommodation. Ask for the ALS application form from AEU. The ALS refunds about 92 Euros per month starting from the second month. The allowance is given directly to the student, and the university is not responsible for any part of the process. You are eligible to apply once you get your stamp from the OFII office. Click here for more information about the CAF.

Residence Albert Le Grande in Lille, FranceAnother possibility for housing is renting an apartment. Although hard to find from the US, it is also possible to find your own apartment for about the same price as renting a room from AEU. One of the ways you can find an apartment is start out by living in the residence and look for the apartment through once you have arrived in Lille.

According to French law, rentals run and are due from August 1st to July 31st (Fall semester or Academic Year), even if the students arrive later in September. And from January 1st to July 31st (Spring semester), even if the students arrive later in February. Students must inform AEU 1 month before leaving their dorm.

- Elena Woiciechowska, studied in Lille Academic Year 2011-2012

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