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UK: Leeds

Regional Information

Leeds City Square Building with statue of the Black Prince on horseback University of Leeds campus ministry

Leeds is a large city, so it is very different from Huntingdon, PA. There are so many restaurants and shopping centers. There are nice places to hang out in the evenings such as Millennium Square in Leeds. There are also nice places to visit to get to know more about the city such as the Leeds City Museum. Other museums include the Royal Armouries Museum and the Leeds Art Gallery. You can also visit historical buildings with magnificent architecture such as the Leeds Cathedral or Kirkstall Abbey. Also, the Headingley Stadium is great to watch cricket or rugby games. In addition, there are many cities around Leeds that can be visited such as Manchester, London, Liverpool, and more. Travelling around the city and to other cities is very convenient because there are buses, taxi services, train services, and even an airport. The nightlife in Leeds is a very big part of the city’s culture. There are many bars and pubs that are open late into the night.

-Monica Dhaduk, Leeds Fall 2010

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Leeds, England skyline.