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UK: Leeds


Leodis Residences in Leeds, England
Leodis Residences Sign in Leeds, England
Photos by Monica Dhaduk '12

At Leeds University, or Leeds Uni as they say in England, there are so many different possibilities of housing. They call them flats. The housing that I stayed in was Leodis Residences, which is very close to campus. There are some housing options that are fairly far, from which you would have to bike or take the public bus. It is a lot more common in Europe to travel from your housing to class. There aren't many places that have a concentrated campus like Juniata. The basic set up for Leodis is there is a corridor with 6 rooms (which includes individual shower and bathroom) and a shared kitchen. This was nice because I got to have my privacy as well as a common place where I spent time with my flat-mates. It was fun sharing the kitchen because we would all cook together and sometimes we would cook for each other. I lived with people from different backgrounds so it was delightful to taste different type of foods. On some nights we had movie night in the kitchen. We moved the dining table to the side, brought in our mattresses, popped in a movie, made some popcorn, grabbed a drink, and watched movies! It was a blast. It was an awesome time getting to know my flat-mates and be right next door to them.

There are lots of other options to choose from so be sure to check out the Leeds Accommodations website and read all about them!

- Monica Dhaduk, Leeds Fall 2010

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Residence Hall on University of Leeds campus in Leeds, England.