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UK: Leeds

Educational Setting

Leeds Uni is a large university, there are so many classes offered. From my experience, most of the lectures were PowerPoint presentations and the class sizes were large, much larger than the Juniata College class sizes. Some classes also included demonstrations on certain concepts. All the professors I had posted their lectures online so the students had access to them afterwards and were able to use them to study for the final exam. As far as testing goes, it really depends on the class. Some of my classes had a midterm and final and some only had a final. I did not really have any homework in any of my classes, it is more of an independent study, and so you have to keep up with the work yourself. This means that my grade in the class depended solely on the midterm and final, or just the final.

- Monica Dhaduk, Leeds Fall 2010

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Main administration building on University of Leeds campus in Leeds, England.