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Mexico: Guanajuato

HousingTown Square in Guanajuato, Mexico by Kerri Fritz

The Guanajuato program gives you the option of living with a host family or in an apartment. The host families give you the opportunity to really practice your Spanish because you’ll be forced to speak it at home, too. They give you three meals a day except on Sundays, when they only give you one. In a host family you can choose whether or not you want to have a roommate. Sharing a room is cheaper. Pretty much every host family has internet access. Having a Mexican host family lets you experience traditions and culture first-hand. Many host families will include you in most of their activities and make you feel really welcome.

People walking down a sidewalk in Guanajuato, Mexico by Kerri FritzThe great thing is that if you don’t like your host family, you can move out. You need to give the family a month’s notice, or just let Juniata know from the beginning that you don’t want to live with a host family. Depending on where you choose to live and how many roommates you have, this option can be a bit cheaper. You obviously aren’t provided with meals for this option, and you look independently.

- Kerri Fritz, studied in Guanajuato Academic Year 2011-2012

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