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Educational Information

The University of Guanajuato is a public school, which is great because you get to meet students from all types of economic backgrounds. When you arrive at the school, a few days before classes start you receive a written language test so that you can be placed in a level if you choose to take classes for foreigners. There is a language school for all languages, so Mexicans go there, too. Most foreign students take regular university classes and some never take any classes for foreigners. It depends on what you’re comfortable with. Teachers of the regular university classes are very understanding and easy to talk to if you have any problems. Taking classes for Mexicans is a great way to make friends with Mexican students and improve your efficiency in Spanish by immersing yourself completely and having to turn in papers Language School at Universidad Guanajuato in Mexico by Kerri Fritzand projects all in Spanish. 

The classes for foreigners are also very good, and geared towards helping you understand aspects of Spanish that can be very hard for foreigners to grasp. They help a lot and are taught in Spanish, with Spanish projects and papers due. The load of schoolwork is a bit lighter in these classes.

- Kerri Fritz, studied in Guanajuato Academic Year 11-12


Universidad de Guanajuato has 4 campuses spread out across the state. Click here for a chart of these campuses and what subjects are taught in each of them. Most students find the classes they need at the Guanajuato campus. This is where the classes for foreign students are taught and where the international office is located. Universidad de Guanajuato does not permit international students to take classes from more than one campus.

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