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Steinfurt: Computer Science in Germany


Steinfurt, Germany


Two weeks starting after Juniata graduation in May or early June.

Brief Description of Program:

Students take both CS 390 (Spring semester) and CS 391 X (Summer semester), which equates to an existing CS course offered at Juniata.  The course content will vary each year, previous topics have included Graphical Programming, Security Engineering, Compiler Construction, and Mathematical Modeling.  CS 390 is taken in the spring semester at Juniata introduces the student to studying Computer Science in Germany.  Students will prepare for their travel by studying German, reading about the culture and history of the country (and the state of North Rhine – Westfalia in particular), making travel arrangements and preparing travel documents, and configuring the technology required for that year’s selected topic in CS or IT.  This culminates with its co-requisite course, CS 391 X, which is given at the Münster University of Applied Sciences, for between two and three weeks each May or June.  The instructor at MUAS will be a Juniata College faculty member.  Pre and Co-requisites each year for this program will be the same as the course offered at Juniata, but always include instructor permission, and usually CS 240, Computer Science 2. No German language experience necessary.


Varies, depending on which course CS 391 X equates with.


3 total: Register for Spring CS 390 (1 credit) and Summer CS 391 X  (2 credits). Counts as an "I" and whatever distribution is associated with the course that of CS 391 X equates to.


A fee of $1,500 is applied to CS 391 X, and it covers instructional costs, tuition, and Juniata College credit.  Students will need to purchase their own plane and train fares. The host institution will facilitate housing for the students.


Please contact Professors Gerald Kruse or Loren Rhodes for more information.