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Gelsenkirchen: Communication in Germany (Sarah Worley)


Gelsenkirchen, Germany and other various locations within Germany.


Postponed until 2013

Brief Description of Program:

Students in this course will spend the spring semester at Juniata meeting once a week to prepare for a trip to Germany. During the semester students will prepare presentations on a topic related to either journalism or PR/marketing, while covering a variety of topics in the field of Communication and learning about German culture through film, guest speakers and reading. Following graduation in May we will travel to Germany for 10 days. Presentations will then be delivered to the German students in classes at the Westfälische Hochschule and we will travel to a number of locations within Germany. The topics covered in this course will include public speaking/presentation skills, intercultural communication and group communication, as well as topics related to PR/marketing and journalism. The objective of this course is to give students a high impact experiential learning opportunity through which they can improve their communication skills in an intercultural context, and gain first- hand experience with German culture.


3 total, register for Spring CM299(1 credit) and Summer CM299(2 credits). Counts as an H and I. (No German language experience necessary!). Students from all disciplines are welcome!


TOTAL COST/STUDENT = $3,300 (this cost includes everything - airfare, hotel, food, fees etc.)
Deposit of $1,500 due by Feb. 3rd / Final payment of $1,800 due by May 1st


Please contact Professor Sarah Worley for more information.