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Ireland: Cork

HousingJoel Rhodes '13 in front of The Spires with housemates

University College Cork owns and runs 5 housing complexes, however, the majority ofstudents attending UCC live in privately-owned apartment complexes throughout the city and surrounding area. The accommodations website has information about living in these non-UCC apartments in addition to their own. Theycan help you secu re accommodation in either. Click here to find out more information about accommodations in UCC. Housing costs vary greatly depending on where you choose to live. Students studying abroad at UCC are not charged for Juniata housing or meals and so they must plan to pay for housing on their own.

In addition, Juniata does not charge students for a meal plan, and UCC does not offer meal plans, so students are responsible for purchasing their own groceries and cooking or dining at restaurants and on-campus cafeterias. This can pose a challenge for some students, but is great practice for "the real world"!

Joel Rhodes '13 studied in Cork spring 2012 and here is what he recommends for housing and meals:
"One of the first things to consider when it comes to accommodation is location.  There are many options for accommodation near UCC, city centre, and in between. I chose The Spires because of its location between city centre and UCC (and good reviews!).  Walking everywhere was quick and easy which I really appreciated. Something else to keep in mind is choosing the size of your apartment. My experience is living with several people tends to be better than living with just a couple. Then you are more likely to find great people to hang out with from the start. Also, you might be more likely to be living with an Irish student - something that I missed out on in a three person apartment.

Something that I had to adjust to was preparing all of my own meals. There are restaurants and cafes at UCC, but they are too pricey to eat at regularly. Fortunately, Cork has many great shops, grocery stores, and markets to buy fresh food.  The English Market is great and as you explore Cork, you’ll find small fruit and veg stores and butchers with the freshest food and great prices. 

UCC started a great program, College Dinners -  For €10 you get more than enough food for 4 meals each week delivered to convenient locations.  The recipes that they use are really simple.  My group of friends set aside Monday evenings to cook one of the meals together."

Click here for the UCC Accommodations website!

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