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Czech Republic: Brno

Regional information:

The Czech Republic is divided into two regions, Bohemia and Moravia. Prague is the Capital of the country and Bohemia, while Brno is the capital of Moravia. Historically, people from Brno and Prague have a healthy competition with each other. Prague is considered more sophisticated and metropolitan and therefore some from Prague look down on Brno as being rustic and "salt of the earth". Prague is a bigger city with many, many more tourists and English speakers. Brno on the other hand is much more local. It does not get many visitors and is only about 500,000 people. It's often referred to as a village of 500,000 because it has a small town feel to it. If you want to experience the real Czech, Brno is your place. It is harder to find people that speak English and you will almost never see someone from outside the Czech Republic there. However, it is filled with great restaurants and pubs, is home to the Starobrno brewery, as well as the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic (which is right next to Masaryk's faculty of Social Studies).

The people of the region can be a bit gruff at times. They aren't naturally as open to strangers as Americans can be. However, the individuals you will meet are extremely helpful and fun to be around. The language barrier can be very rough but easily dealt with, with a little patience. Czechs are also very proud of their beer (pivo). It is not uncommon to see locals in their favorite bar or tavern at all times of the day.

-Anne Wakabayashi, studied in Brno Spring 2010

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