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Czech Republic: Brno


Housing for international students at Masaryk University is a Residence Hall next to the Faculty of Economics called Vinarska. The building has three blocks, A1-3, internationals (who are from all over, but all speak English) live in A1, Czech students in A2 and A3 is a hotel. The rooms are double rooms, with their own bathrooms and kitchenettes. They come with a hotplate, refrigerator, and sink. You must supply your own food and cooking utensils. Like most universities in Europe, Masaryk has no main campus, just buildings scattered around the city. There are tram stops at the bottom of the hill Vinarska sits on that can take you into the city center, about a ten minute ride. You can read more about Vinarska Residence Hall and see photos on the Masaryk University Accommodations website.

-Anne Wakabayashi, studied in Brno Spring 2010

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