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Spain: Barcelona

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Classes are set up in two ways. Students can take BCA sponsored classes and actual Universitat de Barcelona classes. Both are taught by university professors. All BCA classes are in Spanish, but a lot of UB classes are taught in Catalan.

Theoretically, any student who diligently planned their schedule could study here for a semester. Science students have reported some difficulties attempting to take science classes as BCA’s classes are largely in humanities and social sciences. This means that science students have to take classes at the university and these classes are often taught in Catalan.

Students have access to a HUGE range of classes through the university but they are challenging. If you are planning on staying for a year you may want to sit down with your advisor and look at your schedule. If you are a Spanish/International Relations/History POE then you are golden!

-Caitlin Bigelow, studied in Barcelona Academic Year 2009-2010

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