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Spain: Barcelona

Educational Setting

The University of Barcelona is huge and boasts a whopping 90,000 students. There are multiple campuses in the city which are organized by departments. All campuses are easily accessible by metro. There are two main campuses located in complete opposite ends of the city. One is in the old historic district (the original location) and the other one on the East end of the city. General Franco separated the university in an attempt to maintain order and control over a rebellious, liberal, and politically active youth during the Nationalist regime in the 1970’s.

When you land in Barcelona a bus or taxi takes you to the hotel you will be staying at. The hotel is located in a small beach community outside of the city. You will spend one week there in an intensive language immersion and orientation process. You will also start a basic pre semester class which includes art history and basic Spanish grammar.

Because of the University’s size, University classes tend to be larger but it really can also depend on popularity of class and discipline. Classes are all lecture based, usually with only a large paper and final exam at the end of the semester. You’ll find a wide range of international students in all your classes and it won’t be uncommon to hear four or five different languages being spoken before class starts.

Your BCA classes are structured a little differently and are much smaller and are located on the original campus. These classes are taught in Spanish with a UB professor and you will only find other Americans in them. The classes BCA offers usually include a midterm, paper, and a final.

-Caitlin Bigelow, studied in Barcelona Academic Year 2009-2010

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