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Northern Ireland: Conflict, Trauma, and Reconciliation

Celtic Cross in cemetery in Northern Ireland


May 19, 2014 - June 1, 2014

Brief Description of Program:

As a team-taught Interdisciplinary Colloquium (IC), this course will include serious consideration of the relationships between theory and practice in multiple disciplines. This course explores the role of education, peace and conflict studies, and psychology in assisting individuals following prolonged exposure to the stress and trauma that accompany deep-rooted, intractable conflicts.  Students will engage with primary and secondary sources across disciplinary perspectives in order to understand how conflicts "scar" individuals, communities, and societies, and the strategies developed to assist in recovery, healing, coexistence, and reconciliation. The core theme of this course is conflict, trauma, and reconciliation. There will be background readings that examine these issues from multiple disciplines. This course will also utilize a particular case study to allow for further application and understanding of these themes. For the current year, this course will focus on N. Ireland as a specific case study. Students will learn about the history of the "troubles" in N. Ireland, the processes that led to the 1998 peace agreement, and the ongoing efforts to provide opportunities for healing and reconciliation.


This IC course is offered during the SPRING and SUMMER 2014 semesters.  Students must enroll in both the 1-credit spring module and the 2-credit summer module in order to receive IC credit for the course. Prerequisite: EN110. Corequisite: IC299 14/SU.


Separate grades will be given for each course (IC299 and CoReqIC299).  Students successfully completing both courses will receive IC credit, but no FISHN distribution.


$3,750 estimate including everything (airfare, housing, meals, tuition, etc.)


Please contact Professors Celia Cook-Huffman, Mark McKellop, or Kathleen Biddle.

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