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Publications by David Sowell

My research concerns have focused upon Latin American societies in the midst of economic, political, and social change. My dissertation research focused upon how artisans in Bogotá articulated their interests during the nineteenth century, a time in which Colombia’s entry into the Atlantic economy threatened their economic interests. This led me into a study of an 1893 riot and the general topic of social violence.

Recently I’ve studied the social history of medicine in Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico. One research project focused upon the healer Miguel Perdomo Neira and how his method of healing could be located within the introduction of scientific medicine into the region in the mid-nineteenth century. My current project focuses upon the development of public health agencies in Yucatán, Mexico, between 1870 and 1950. This project links the state of Yucatán with the federal government in Mexico City, various agencies in the United States, and the broad Atlantic medical community. It also investigates how public health became a vehicle of penetrating the interior of Yucatán, bringing Maya peoples into a more intimate relationship with the dominant white society.