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The History Herd

The Lives of History Seniors

by Amy Hunt


Once we all began the process of researching for and writing our senior theses, it happened: all of the History seniors bonded. Suddenly, we were always in the lounge discussing our frustrations and anxiety, sharing crayons and coloring books to try and relieve stress, planning excursions to State College for Indian food or library visits. Slowly, we took over the entire floor, plastering our professors' doors in coloring pages that we felt exemplified their personalities (or that we just thought were fun). We threw our own end-of-the-semester holiday party complete with chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, chicken tikka masala, and Secret Santa. 

And that was just the first semester. 

The second semester, things quieted down a little bit, but you could still find us huddled in the lounge, sharing our woes, encouraging each other’s work on their theses and graduate school applications, and partaking in hall ball. We even went all out in decorating Dr. Sowell’s office for his birthday. Confetti, tinsel, streamers and balloons everywhere. By the end of the day, you could find tinsel in the hallways and stairwells of Founders, and balloons in a few other offices.

Maybe we went a little overboard.

Some tour guides loved bringing their prospective students to the lounge because we were always talkative and they could show off the fun that we have together even in the midst of stress and work. Some tour guides avoided us like the plague because there’s nothing more frightening than a snarky History senior. 

It was suggested that we write up something for Chronos, because something about us was unique. Does every department have a group of students like us? When our friends tell us stories about hanging out with friends, we respond with stories about hanging out with our professors on the third floor of Founders. When we leave campus, we’ll be leaving behind a close-knit world that’s going to be hard to say goodbye to. We’d hate to leave Juniata without letting our professors know the impact they’ve made on us. Not all of us knew how to put how we feel about the history department in words, but we’ve tried our best.