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The History Herd

Joking Around in the History Department

by Meg Hall, '12


There are not enough words to describe the history department. The department is probably one of the closest on campus. When you can go to your professor’s house and cook scrapple and then roast marshmallows in the fireplace, you know you are in the right area. Weekly games of golf are played in Founders. While most games are amicable, there are the rare games in which competitiveness overcomes all, such as when Dr. Sowell almost took out a piece of glass in a door when his golf ball “took a bad bounce and went airborne.”  Or when banking the ball off of a doorway, desk chair and the teacher’s desk is the only way to make it even remotely close to par. When the department has faculty members who will dress up as a farmer or Indian for Halloween, you know you are not in Kansas anymore, but instead in the middle of Pennsylvania where you tell others the location of Juniata’s campus in relation to Penn State. How many other professors would be overjoyed that their office had been stuffed with balloons and streamers and their desk covered with confetti? Only at Juniata. They are always willing to talk to you or at least make fun of your Sidney Crosby t-shirt.

As for the students, most of the seniors are involved with the Herd where impressions of Smeagol and a T-Rex are common in the third floor lounge. Makeshift beds are created by sliding two chairs together in the lounge and we take turns having naps. We’re seniors so it more of a necessity rather than a privilege. March is a month in which basketball takes precedence and the phrase “Louisville doesn’t exist” is repeated daily. We are a crazy bunch, but we are also a supportive one. Our theses have consumed our lives and only with the help of the herd, have we all been able to live through it. Senior year was made so much better with the creation of the History Herd.