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Greetings from the Chair

by David Sowell



Boxes are a dim memory. We know how to operate the technology in our rooms (and regularly complain about it). Our bulletin board is a regular stop on enrollment tours. Our doors are increasingly decorated with art from our outstanding and talented children. Students study, talk and sleep in the lounge. Students have used the holiday spirit (and the desire to avoid papers) to decorate the halls, our doors, the lounge—anything that can be decorated. It is clear that we have adjusted to our home in Founders (though I still miss having a hammock set up in my room).

We have returned to normalcy. Several recent graduates have reported on their successes in graduate school. We have a good range of new publications from the faculty, seniors are furiously working on their theses—with the normal anxieties that come with that task. We have piles of ungraded essays on our desks. Our classes are mostly filled for the spring semester—verifying again the normalcy of excellence.

There is little to report, but much that is exciting in the day-to-day life of the History department. As you browse the pages of our newsletter, don’t hesitate to make comments, to reflect upon the similarities (or differences) from your experience. Most of all, think of letting us know of news from your lives. We hear from some of you, but we would love to have more news.

So, enjoy the latest department newsletter.