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Class of 2012: Where Are They Now?

By David Sowell

Each year History students create a difference in our lives, bringing to the department a special character that we remember for years. Last year was the “Herd” of more than a dozen women and a solitary man. This year appears to be the year of Museum Studies. Student interest led us to create a POE in History and Museum Studies two years ago. This program built upon the labor of faculty in the Art department who years ago launched a Museum Studies POE with an emphasis in Art History. History students have always benefited from that program, especially the many chances to work helping to mount exhibits in Carnegie. Some wanted the opportunity for a greater emphasis in history—thus the new program of study. The POE requires students to take a range of history courses, with a focus on US history. Students also take a sequence of Museum Studies courses, leading to several practicums. Students have the freedom to shape two concentrations of three courses each. They must participate in an internship and complete a capstone project. This is a wonderful new POE.

Students gave us great advice.

This May, we will graduate four students in History and Museum Studies. At least five of our new first year students have entered into that program. The department is working to accommodate the interests of these students, with an attention to internships and field experiences. We have established a variety of internship opportunities, and now offer two summer fellowships to help students who take unpaid, or poorly paid internships.

Museum Studies serves as an excellent complement to our established programs, which continue to produce outstanding students. Several students are completing the POE in History, and three will graduate with Social Studies Secondary Education teaching certifications.

We are extraordinarily proud that Toni Harr, a secondary education student, has been awarded Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to study and teach in Greece. Well done Toni!

We hope that you enjoy this year’s newsletter. Our editor, Heather Kleber, has done a great job. Enjoy!

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