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Mike Walsh, '10


Since graduation, I have volunteered at the Chappaqua Library in Westchester County, NY. I began in July, figuring that if I volunteered there for a while I would get a paid job. I had been looking for a full-time job since May, but without luck. I get from shelves books that are on hold (the list runs between four and five pages), put radio frequency identification into books (the tags let the computer identify the book as belonging to the Chappaqua Library), and I shelve books and DVDs. I am finally being hired part time starting next week!

While I was volunteering, I looked into library science school. I realized that this profession was not simply based around old women who checked out books at the circulation desk. There are librarian positions at law firms, banks, museums, academic libraries, and public libraries. People in the library science programs have even interned at MTV. I applied to Long Island University at Purchase, NY and started in August. I am taking two courses at LIU: “Introduction to Library Science” and a Reference Librarian course. I have easy time with concepts because I continue to volunteer at the Chappaqua Library. I hope to eventually acquire a certificate in archival studies along with my library science degree. With this certificate, job possibilities are open in academic libraries and museums.

After spending so much time doing research as a history major at JC, I have an understanding of the layout and material contained in libraries. Doing research and finding exactly what I need is something I have gotten quite good at. I know how to research databases or scan the stacks in the library for a book I need.

Apart from going to library school, I also fought in an amateur boxing match on October 16. I fought to a draw. For right now, I need to focus more my studies than boxing.