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Erica Bettwy, '10


After Juniata, I was lucky enough to have the summer off to relax and unpack my life of four years! I started working at Central High School in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania (about a thirty-five minute drive from home) in the Life Skills Classroom as a Personal Class Aide for a special needs student. She is an 11th grader and we are learning so much from each other every day. I work during the day at the high school Monday through Friday and then a few evenings a week I also work as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble in Altoona, Pennsylvania (my hometown).

I am very thankful for my experiences at Juniata that have helped me through my jobs so far. I am one of the most knowledgeable booksellers for the History Section (of course) as well as being a great help to high school students looking for the best prep books for the SATs, AP tests, and Foreign Language dictionaries and study aids (having had those experiences not so long ago).

I won’t lie, I miss Juniata and my friends every day but thanks to the technology wonders of email and of course Facebook, I never feel far away from good ole Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.